The Zombie apocolypse is just begining. Track the spread as it reaches out from it’s beginings in Eastern Washington. Be sure to let us know if Zombie’s start showing up in your town, or if you think you can handle it,let us know where you’d like to see a Moonshine Zombie!

Hand-crafted, small batch, farm-to-bottle whiskey. Zombie Zeke only produces the best! Learn more about the whiskey.

Coming soon! All the Moonshine Zombie gear you need to show everyone you are a Biter! As soon as our product distribution is in full swing and we’re infecting the world with our fabulous whiskey we’ll roll out our line of shirts. Stay in touch and we’ll let everyone know as soon as the first design is printed and ready for purchase. Let us know if you have a favorite design!

If you love Zombies and want to have Moonshine Zombie Whiskey at your favorite bar, club or lounge send us a message! We want to spread the Zombie love as far and wide as we can. Let us know the name, location and bar manager’s name if you know it. We’ll reach out and give’m a bite!

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